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Game meat processing center

In our farm we offer selected game meat in order to promote the peculiarities of the Oltrepò Pavese mountain area. In fact, at Cascina Legra there is a center for the production and processing of Italian game meat, the only one in the Province of Pavia.

Here we deal with: wild boar, roe deer, fallow deer, deer, pheasant, red partridge, gray partridge.

The animals or the cut meats, after maturing, are put under vacuum in specific anatomical cuts and then frozen. This operation guarantees the maximum quality and shelf-life of the fresh product.

Each operation is carried out in compliance with the sanitary regulations in force so that the maximum healthiness of the meat is guaranteed.

In addition, the animals are also available in half-length and, depending on availability, each customer has the opportunity to purchase these products at zero distance.

Our CE mark is: IT Y6555 CE

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